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What is XXY?

What is XXY?:

What is XXY?
XXY or Ks?
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There are 23 pairs of chromosomes found in each cell of the body, and each contain genes that determine our colouring, our features, and our sex. Women inherit two X chromosomes -- one from each parent, written 46,XX.  Men inherit an X chromosome from their mothers and a Y chromosome from their fathers, written 46,XY.  Some individuals, however, have an additional X chromosome in their chromosomal arrangement, referred to as 47,XXY, or more commonly, just XXY.  The cause is unknown, yet XXY occurs in approximately 1 in every 500 to 1000 live male births, making it one of the most common chromosome variations.   The XXY variation is identified in an individual through a karyotype, a buccal smear, or FISH.

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